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Through a powerful combination of intuition, technique and patience, photographer Jorge Vismara captures intimate images of nature, human emotions and the performing arts.
Mr. Vismara first explored photography at hochshule für gestaltung (hfg), Ulm, Germany, while studying industrial design and cinema.
His current photographic work was born from his frequent travels to Bali, Indonesia, where the culture, in which art and spirituality are inextricably integrated into daily life, awoke his passion for capturing the images of the world around him. These images are now seen in dozens of publications about Balinese and Asian performing arts.
A creative computer consultant since 1987, he has also been developing a revolutionary multimedia museum project for the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is the founder and webmaster of one of the largest website promoting Brazilian culture in the US. (
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Art Statement

When I take the camera out of the bag, I never know what I'm going to shoot, never have an image of the images I'm going to take. Its always a blank piece of paper, an open mind... my eyes start looking and become aware of whats around... until images start to develop.

To take a photograph is always a surprise, a mute conversation with the object, a feeling of the moment, an interaction with the shapes and colors of the world outside...

To take a photograph is to watch and pay attention, to discover, to nurture the unexpected, it's like walking in a new trail in the forest, it's a permanent pilgrimage to a new sacred place...

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  LA Times
Calendar, September 21, 2003
5 b&w photos ilustrating "Grains of Conflict",
one covering 5 columns, on page E44
BrazilBest July 2005 issue
first page and center magazine insert
  SoulBrasil many issues
first page, and magazine articles
World Music Central  
  Ç Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation  
  Tanpura music Voice of Dance  
  Two River theatre Navegar Amazô  
  Experience LA 2007-06-07 Experience LA 2007-05-17  
  Çudamani flyier Jakarta International Puppetry Festival  
  Daily Bruin Online Agape  
  acquisition of several images by the
Smithsonian Institute, in Washington, DC
for their Mekong River exhibit
June 27th - July 8th 2007
Santa Fe Art Colony May 5-6, 2007 exhibit
photo essay
  I-5 Gallery May 5 - 26, 2007
Santa Fe Art Colony May 6-7, 2006 exhibit
photo essay
  Brazilian Consulate Gallery
July 1st-Sept 15th
, 2005 exhibit
photo essay
Brentwood Nov 20, 2004 exhibit
photo essay
  Malibu exhibit on Dec 2003
photo essay
The Art of Rice travelling theatre
photos projected to the back of the stage througout the performance
  Books Workshops
  Maps of City and Body
by Denise Uyehara
front page
Faculdade SEAMA  
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