The Art of Rice - 2003 - an adventure in art...

The Work

Comments by Josefina:
Brother of mine
provider of Bokhashi while in great need
the most amazing eyes with the digital
maker of laughter...

ohhhhh my God    everytime it has the same great effect   yeah  it is like good sex    hahahahhaha
Oh Bali   and Bali with rice  Bali with all

The most amazing laugh came from seeing the images of the pole people  oooh my God   every moment came to my body    the process    our crazynezz   our greatness in the heart

what can I tell you that you do not know ?

thank you sooooooo much for sharing  for you generosity man¡¡¡¡

Jorge Bagus  big time bagus¡¡¡¡¡

great day   eveeryday

that sister of yours    ay mama siiiieeee.....

The Art of Rice
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