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the camera looks both ways - in picturing the subject, you are also picturing a part of yourself
empowered by the fo...
By Jorge Vismara pho...


empowered by the fo...
By Jorge Vismara pho...


Viver Brasil Dance ...
By Jorge Vismara

uniting the music a...
By Jorge Vismara pho...






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new books section... Viver Brasil Dance Compnay - Yuval Ron Ensemble - The Amazon River
the best of 2006 - [full essay]


We finally met... !!!
short story of a happy encounter in the Amazon River

Rain in the Amazon River
smaller version (Mac users)

the best of 2005 - [full essay]

Navegar Amazoniaempowered by the forest, humbled by its inhabitants... back from the Amazon river...
few images as a sample of our work with self sustained communities at the very edge of the civilized world.
some of the best overall

Los Angeles Maritime Sail Festival 2008
Parade on Friday [full parade] + Cannon Battle on Saturday - [full battle]

Gamelan Çudamani - Tour 2007 - Top images of Bali 2007
the village of Pengosekan
Bucolic Ubud - Nature redefined - Heart of Ubud life
Introduction to images from Siem Reap and Angkor monumental architectural masterpiece. Introduction - full intro - horizontal panoramas - vertical panoramas
9 communities + the Amazon river
[full essay]  


Rain in the Amazon River
smaller version (Mac users)

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Intro- Life outside - cyclos and tuk tuks - life in the streets - Central and Russian Market -Living by the Mekong River - Fishing in the Mekong River - Royal Palace - RUFA


Snapping the Apple (revisiting NYC after 15 years) - Day one - Day two - Day three - Day four - Day five - Day six - Day six at night - Day seven - Panoramas

World Festival of Sacred Music

Los Angeles 2005
"Every man's work... is always a portrait of himself." Samuel Butler
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